Interlude 7: Adult Cloth Diaper Primer

In this video I do a bit of show and tell about different kinds of cloth diapers and plastic pants and talk about the pros and cons of each.

You can listen to the audio track if you like but there is a video version linked as well... because show and tell is much more fun than just tell :)

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Shortall Snap Crotch Conversion

One of my favorite outfits for my LG has to be shortalls. They just make her look super cute and also act as a harness in case she's misbehaving :)

The only problem is diaper changes. They're not the most convenient thing to have to take off and put on again. So what's the solution? A snap up crotch, of course!

So, I decided to convert her shortalls to have a snap crotch for easy access. I'm no stranger to a sewing machine so I got to work.

Here's what it looked like before.

Here's where it get a bit technical, so if you're not interested in sewing you may just want to skip to the bottom :)

I didn't want to try to put the snaps through too many layers of material, and as you may have noticed, the leg openings are rolled up and stitched up like that. Unrolling them a little I could see that they had a good finished edge, so I pulled out the stitches so I could unroll them.

Next step was to unstitch the crotch seam itself. Pretty simple to do. These shortalls are pretty much the right size as is, and I didn't want to make the crotch any smaller, so what I decided to do was put the outside snaps (the ones that would be showing) through two layers and then the buttom snaps only through one layer. This is not ideal, but would ensure that there was no change in size. I did an imitation serge along the single edge to try to strengthen it up, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it slowly started to fray eventually. Might have to put a thin layer of glue to seal it up along that edge. Anyways, I made sure that this edge would be hidden so I do have the option of strengthening it a bit more later on. The result, is that the crotch is exactly the same size as before I started un-stitching.

Here's what the crotch looks like now.

There are two hidden snaps right at the leg opening (which you can see in the picture to the right). I wanted to have snaps there so the log openings looked correct but I didn't want those to have to go through too many layers, so I put them through two layers and then folded the remaining two layers over (to make it look like it originally did) and then hand stitched the edge up so that the snap would not get turned sideways when stressed (which would lead to it popping open).

And here's a shot of the full, final product.

My LG does not wear these out so I decided to use nice, bright white snaps... because I think they look cute :)

This worked really well! The snaps hold really well (they have been thoroughly tested with a tripple thick, super wet diaper underneith with a spanking just to be sure) and haven't popped unexpectedly yet.

IF I were to do this again, though, here's what I'd likely do differently. First, I'd get one size larger than needed to have some extra room to put the snaps through two layers of fabric on both sides. Also, having that extra fabric would give me the option of being able to hide all of the snaps, just like the end ones. Technically, I could have hidden them this time, but I wouldn't have had much room to stitch the fabric back to where they would sit right afterwards and they would start popping open when I don't want them to.

The modification itself wasn't too difficult at all. I did use a sewing machine to get nice, tight stitches in a few spots, but this could have been easily done by hand. The snaps are KAM snaps, put on with a hand press (size 16). If anyone is interested in more detailed instructions on how to do a modification like this, let me know and I might do a video showing the entire process.


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Episode 12: All (I Know) About Cloth Diapers

I've been getting into cloth diapers more this past year and wanted to talk about my experiences with different styles and setups of cloth diapers.

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Full Diaper Fun

Being together for so many years, there's not much that my LG is shy about. But one exception to that is a dirty diaper. I know it's something she likes to do, though not too often, and makes her feel really little. But the cute thing is that she's still really shy about it.

I've hidden the rest of this post for those who don't like reading about dirty diapers. If you want to read the rest, click on the button below.

The other day we were both working from home and I decided to put her in a diaper for the day. She had to head out in the late afternoon but knew I wouldn't let her out of her diaper until then. Well, around 2 o'clock I saw her try to sneak past my office and knew what was up.

Sure enough, when I went in to the hallway, she was quite smelly and a little embarrassed. I gave her a hug and patted her bottom and told her it was alright and carried her off to the bed to get changed. Me carrying her in her dirty diaper and wiping her clean clearly did not help the embarrassment. But she knows that's what happens when she messes her diaper and I know she really enjoys it (realistically, she could have used the toilet and I'd have never known).

I suppose what I really like about it is that it shows that she knows she can be herself around me and I'll look after her. Plus, she makes a really cute sound when I pick her up in her dirty diaper and squish the mess around a bit... the sort of sound that says she's embarrassed but loving the treatment she's getting. What more could a daddy ask of his lg.


New Found Interest in Cloth Diapers

I'm sure I've said a million times in past recordings that I'm very much a fan of plastic backed disposible diapers and nothing else really holds my interest. But for some reason, I've really taken to wearing cloth diapers recently! I'm not totally sure why that is.

I suppose I've always had a vague facination with them. When I was young, I don't remember ever really seeing cloth diapers around but we did have an old pair of plastic pants around that my sisters used to put on their cabbage patch kids. That's about it. A lot of what I really like about diapers, though, is that nice soft plastic with fluffy padding underneith... and a cloth diapers with a nice pair of plastic pants certainly fits the bill.

I think the other thing that has always turned me off about cloth diapers is that I could never figure out how to use them properly! As in, they'd always leak. And that's no fun (well... maybe a bit fun under certain circumstances :) ). But for some reason I decided to give them a proper go. I can't remember why, exactly. I think it was that I wanted a really bulky diaper but wasn't happy with the disposable inserts. Anyways, at that time, I got out an old velcro cloth diaper, put some terry baby diapers in side, folded up, and then put it on and slid a nice, sift pair of plastic pants over top. The thing that really impressed me about this setup was how closely the diaper stuck to me. I find with a disposable there's always a bit of an air gap in certain places between me and the diaper and if I press in on that spot, the gap moves to another spot. Then once it gets wet it starts to sag and hang away. But the cloth diaper just stays close and tight all over from start to finish, and that's a pretty good feeling!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not getting rid of the disposables any time soon (in fact, we just picked up a few more cases so keep us going) but I think I'm starting to see a difference between what I like to feel and what I like to see. For my LG, I like to put her in disposables because I like the look of them, especially when they get really wet and/or messy. But if I'm wearing a diaper, I don't really see it except from one angle. And most of the time I'm not even looking at them (I'm too busy typing away or something)! So the feel is more important. Also, I'm finding them to be a bit more discreet as far as sound goes. I have some really nice soft plastic pants that feel great to the touch but don't make a single crinkle so I don't have to worry about people hearing the crinkle and wondering what's going on.

I put that to the test the other night (not on purpose). It was around 9pm when I heard a knock at the door. We live in a fairly nice neightbourhood so I wasn't too concerned but still ran down stairs in a bit of a shocked state, not really thinking that I was wearing a very think cloth diaper under plastic pants under pajamas. Most of the thickness was at the back, though, so I don't think anyone would notice from the front (that said, my LG definitely noticed from behind :) ). I opened the door and it turned out one of the neighbours was just trying to find the owner of a lost dog. I bent down to give the dog a pat (it belonged to our next door neighbour and is pretty much the cutest, fluffiest dog in the world so you'd be hard pressed to not give it a little pat) and could not hear a sound from the diaper. I was really careful to not turn around, of course :) . I think I've mentioned before that I don't want to be "caught" in a diaper... I just happen to be very confident about my abilities to keep them hidden. After all... I've been wearing them for over 3 decades :)


New Diapers, New Website...

Well, it's been a while but I'm getting back in to the swing of things. I'm working on a new website (as you may have noticed) and a new way of doing things.

The old podcast feed is up at a new location (see the link at the top right of the page) and will have new recordings in there soon. I also have all sorts of new diapers that I'd like to do some video reviews on including some great new cloth diapers I just received (see link at top right of the page to get to the youtube channel).

Things have been quite busy the past couple of years. I've been working hard on some special projects outside of my usual job (nothing abdl related) and that has taken up a lot of my time and a lot of my sleep. And while that has been great, I find I don't spend enough time enjoying diapers. So, I'm going to try to balance things out a little better.

One thing that will be different is that I'm most likely not going to be doing new recordings every week. I'll probably do more posts on here inbetween episodes just to gather my thoughts and then sum them up in a recording when I feel that there is enough to say to justify a recording.

For now, there are a few ways to contact me (see link at the top right of the page) but the best is always email... I don't spend much time with social media sites these days and email is just quick and simple to check.



Interlude 6: Another Break and Social Media Housekeeping

I will likely not be able to do any recordings for the next month (November-ish) and just wanted to give a quick nod to the people who follow the podcast via social media.

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Episode 11: Diapers for Show and Diapers for Go

In this episode I talk a bit about what I feel the advantages and disadvantages are of medical vs abdl diapers.

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Episode 10: Non-Sexy ABDL Content

In this episode I wanted to talk a bit about non-sexy abdl content and why I think it is a good thing to have around.

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